Swat Medical Camp

Cycling and Adventure Club Pakistan arranged a medical camp at Bagh Dehri Swat along with its partners Begum Effendi Foundation and Cardiac Eye. This was a ride specially made to bring awareness locally about different ailments prevalent in the community. CACP cyclists travelled all the way from Lahore and were accorded a warm welcome by Brig. ( R ) Effendi who opened up his traditional house located in picturesque Bagh Dheri area of Swat. A beautiful hand carved wooden mosque was also at his premises which he had lovingly made. Being served food under shady trees full of fruits was a unique experience.

The medical camp was established in a building built with Cuban government assistance and Cycling and Adventure Club arranged dental medical supplies courtesy of Dr. Amin  where as Salman Chughtai Labs established a mobile lab. The camp provided medical coverage for four days and it was very heartening and satisfying experience.

On the last day local and riders from Lahore CACP did an extremely enjoyable downhill from Shangla top. Excellent support was provided by Brig.(R) Effendi and the local Nazim. The medical camp was then disbanded after four days and many children, women and men were treated for different ailments, serious cases were referred to hospitals in cities and were also followed up. It was truly a pedaling for a cause trip leaving an impact on all those who participated.

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