Our Strength is You !

This is a group of dreamers mostly sitting behind computers but dreaming about nature and open wild spaces, we are here to create opportunities for you to make this tour happen. Cycling is a powerful medicine and I can vouch for this personally. It does not require expensive club memberships, just grab a bike and join us.

We will assist you in designing your eco leadership tours so come explore with us and if you are as enthusiast about different causes as we are, you are in for a ride. With you, we will make the difference no matter how small this world deserves. Our biggest strength is you!


  • Boat Ride

    Sharaqpur Sharif is a town near Lahore coming just after crossing river Ravi. It is famous beside others for two things Gulab Jaman Guava Fields However some of us just love its ” Lassi ” .  To earn a glass or two of Lassi, an annual ride is arranged from Lahore by Cycling and Adventure Club […]

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  • Canal Ride – Sharaqpur

    Sharaqpur Sharif is a small town near Lahore less than an hours drive. During a recent visit to my friends farm house, it was observed that it had a beautiful tree lined canal which led to a quickly planned ride there. . . My friend Col ( R ) Lodhi was kind enough to host […]

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  • Thandiani Ride

    Who would not like to go to a hill station in summer ? and if you have an opportunity to take your bicycle along, a scientist  would say that the happiness is directly relational to that , for us it would be a dream come true. .   Thandiani is a pretty forested area with […]

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  • Salt Range Downhill

    Salt Range has a mystical beauty. Hundreds of years back it was a thriving center having numerous forts, Mandars and places of learning. It is rich in different minerals specially rock salt and gypsum, the later has resulted in many big cement factories being situated here.   During winter it offers ideal cycling conditions with […]

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