Thandiani Ride

Who would not like to go to a hill station in summer ? and if you have an opportunity to take your bicycle along, a scientist  would say that the happiness is directly relational to that , for us it would be a dream come true.


Thandiani is a pretty forested area with a population of leopards still surviving there , this was a motivation enough for us to ride fast there on a beautiful winding mountain road.

We were fortunate enough to get accommodation in PT School Abbottabad. The logistics were all taken care of and our cycles sent there before us. We reached Abbottabad in Daewoo and in our own transports to a very serene and comfortable settings there.


The next day all of us headed to the top in a hired Shahzore truck along with our bicycles. Along with the changing beautiful scenery the weather became cold and we had to take our jackets out.

After a quick cup of tea and coffee at the top, we started our thrilling journey back to Abbottabad. This is one trip worth repeating again and again and we plan to do so every year.

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