Boat Ride

Sharaqpur Sharif is a town near Lahore coming just after crossing river Ravi.

It is famous beside others for two things

  1. Gulab Jaman
  2. Guava Fields

However some of us just love its ” Lassi ” .  To earn a glass or two of Lassi, an annual ride is arranged from Lahore by Cycling and Adventure Club Pakistan. Its a tough route as the distance is not only about 60kms but the terrain is sandy and mostly unsoiled requiring double the effort. It would be ideal to do this ride in winter but in winter there is no Lassi hence no ride. The ride is thus taken when its not very hot but the Lassi season has started ( yes they do not have Lassi in winters )

On the way back generally everybody is tired enough to take a couple of plunges in the fresh cool water of the tube wells and that along with a hefty breakfast just taken makes it a challenge getting back on the saddle.


The pinnacle of this ride is crossing the forest, taking the push boat across river Ravi, Lassi, tube wells, guava fields and most of all doing this in the company of friends.

A ride to remember, do not miss it next time. Please see gallery to appreciate this ride and hope to see you all !

Special thanks to Canal Cyclists Community with whom first ride to Sharaqpur was taken ! Thank you Saqib Mukhtar and Ali Hasan Khan.

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